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Menu Ideas

Only the freshest ingredients are used.

pic 11.JPG


Scrambled eggs with grated cheese, capsicum, baby spinach, mushrooms served with roasted tomatoes


Roast vegetable tart with caramelised onions and feta


Mezze platter with ricotta, feta, roast mushrooms, asparagus, baby tomatoes and smoked salmon


Selection of breads and bagels


Quiche with spinach, feta, olives, mushrooms and pine nuts


Salad with rocket, parmesan and pine nuts


Selection of muffins


Fruit salad with Greek yogurt and homemade muesli


Cheesecake with sour cream topping

food 15.jpg

Salads & Fish

Green salad with everything


Watermelon feta and heirloom tomato


Chinese cabbage with nuts


Quinoa roast vegetable and feta


50 Shades of green


Potato salad with a parsley mayonaisse


Feta and tomato salad with a basil cream dressing


Broccoli, cranberry and almonds


Salmon sushi salad


Ponzu side of salmon


Baked salmon with tahini and fresh herbs


Tuna lasagna


Fried fish


Fish balls


Fish pie with salmon and vegetables



food 4.JPG

Afternoon Tea

Mezze platter with ricotta, roast mushrooms, asparagus and baby tomatoes


Platter of smoked salmon with pickled cucumbers, olives, lemon, capers etc, cream cheese and a selection of bagels


Roast vegetable tart with caramelised onions and feta……


Layered dip with tuna, avo, cream cheese and salad on top with toasted pita wedges


Quiche with feta, mushrooms, spinach and pine nuts


Cheesecake with sour cream topping


Red velvet cupcakes


Cheese blinis (cheese blintzes baked with cream and cinnamon and sugar)


Pancake station – pancakes made to order with a variety of toppings and sauces: strawberries, bananas, hot chocolate sauce etc


Chocolate board with nougat, strawberries and liquorice


Scones with Jam and cream


Triple chocolate brownies

food 11.jpg


Chopped Herring


Danish Herring


Fish Balls


Fried Fish


Cheese Blintzes


Meat Blintzes


Meat Perogen


Chicken Soup










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